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Targeted programs in Chista kindergarten

1-    Playing with sand

Play with soil and sand provides opportunity for the kids to concentrate .furthermore, children would gain new level of experience. This type of game increases the motor skills of the children and as the children action scope is wide in the mentioned game, they always try to find new method to play. This issue would lead to innovation. In Chista kindergarten proper and sanitary place is predicted for the children to play with sand and they would be able to improve their creativity under the supervision of trainers. 

2-    Crafts and collage

The children learn how to manage them, contact the others and find the solutions by performing crafts. As they make something or try to complete that, in fact the sense of responsibility and self-confidence would be improved. The craft is considered as a game and through this game, psychological needs and desires of children would be fulfilled and they also would be able to offer the plot to solve their problems. Due to the role of handcrafts in improving children in Chista kindergarten, graduated experts in the field of graphic are utilized to guide them. Also some hours of weekly schedule is specified to this activity. 

3-    storytelling

Storytelling could fill the gap between reading and comprehension skill among the children and also stimulate their curiosity and imagination. By reading the stories and restatement, the children power of expression and speech would be increased and also their vocabulary and information capacity would be enriched. In other words, the children who listened to stories in the period before school and became familiar with sounds, words and meanings auditory, at the school and in face of the written form of the words, could be able to comprehend faster. Storytelling by using big pictures is among the main and daily schedules of trainers in Chista kindergarten. Also once a week, uncle storyteller narrates the story in different way. 

4-   Music

By getting aware of the fact that the best time to learn music is before 5 , teaching music is among the main schedule of Chista kindergarten ,as we believe that proper and prompt acquaintance  and training could have prominent role in the personality and spirit of the children. The music could improve the children imagination and concentration and teach them discipline and flourish their hidden talents.
Innovative play of the artist isn`t nurture, but the opportunity to learn the methods to dominant thoughts, actions and the speech of the children in life

5-   Innovative plays

The play could improve the children power of expression and self-confidence. The play which is performed for the children is having prominent impact on education , but the play which children are more involved in are more useful and make the children familiar with new atmosphere and learn accountability to them , so they would be ready to attend the society. In Chista kindergarten social issues are usually performed by the children and in this case trainers are acted as the directors to guide the children with their roles. Furthermore, the children perform topical plays in special occasions. 
(I wish I was 4, so my calligraphy was limpid, so I could draw like childhood (Picasso)

6-   painting

Nurturing painting art as one of effective ways to create innovation, in spite of meeting the natural needs of the children could also lead them to the improvement of sense of aesthetics, sensitivity to the environment, curiosity and the power of visualization and imagination, confidence and fostering creativity and also help to improve characters, ideas, efficiency skills, and environmental compatibility of children. According to main role of creativity in all levels of children life, in Chista kindergarten expert painting trainers are utilized for systematic training to nurture this valuable potential in the best way among the children.

7-   play-doh and clay

For many of the children, play-doh is the first artistic 3D experience. The children could emerge their dreams and interests through play-doh. Help to increase hand proprioception and tactile sense, subtle gestures, eye-hand coordination, concentration, release of endorphins in the blood, help the immune system and blood circulation, foster ingenuity and creativity, imagination and thinking, increase self-confidence, improve problem-solving skills, control violent and stressful behaviors and also establish security and safety are all among the benefits of playing with doh and clay. According to the scientific reasons, playing play-doh for the children above 2and playing with clay for the children above 4 are among the main schedules of Chista kindergarten. 

8-   Lego

In Chista kindergarten concepts such as: Front, back, down, inside, outside, and many other profound implications are taught to the children by using an image and also a house made of Legos. When the children succeed to connect the parts and make something, they feel proud and it is effective in building children self-confidence. Due to connecting and removing the parts, they realize the concepts such as composition and decomposition of materials. The children start to create and solve the question and also create new things which are effective in improving creativity and potentials by the help of trainers and also issuing question and helping regular and systematic thinking.

9-   Familiarity with the environment

As the parents, trainers and people who are responsible to nurture future generation, by educating environmental concepts and attempt to make them interested in environment and nature, we could provide normal and favorable living environment and also the earth with abundant environmental resources. In this regard, (our earth) project is considered for the children in Chista kindergarten. After getting familiar with the earth and components, the children would be taken to nature training camps and experience their learning in each season. 

10-   gardening

One of the easiest ways to connect the children with the nature is gardening.  The children, who did gardening in early years of their life, had higher psychological health and also experienced more positive contact in adulthood with the environment. In Chista kindergarten for per over 5 years child, a flowerpot garden is considered to get familiar with natural growth of the plants and also learn many of the skills to grow plants and increase artistic taste.
The children are active and happy

11-   Game and sport

 Role taking and responsibility are among the most striking features of group games. The children at the time of playing, in spite of respecting the other`s right and implementing the law, try to nurture their body and spirit. They try to win and sometimes they lose. The children should learn that life is a competition and in case of not attempting, the others would be successful. The life is moving on, so the children should experience the happiness and sadness of life in group games, so they wouldn`t be disappointed in adulthood with a defeat. Paying attention to sport and sport events in Chista kindergarten is having high priority and the education is started every day after morning exercise and also end with it. 
For the teacher of small learner, the most striking duty is creating interest and motivation in new language to learn new language and use it. 

12-   teaching second language

French researchers realized that; children mind would be prepared to learn the foundation of second language from 20 months. According to the scientists in Paris university, the children in 20 months starts to develop proper cognitive processes to learn language and it seems that they could gain the highest preparation of foreign language, even if not having deep realization of mother language in this age. According to this research, in Chista kindergarten, the children could learn English structures as second language in the form of book of poetry, plays and films, as some of the researches offer: the students who learn the structure of second language in childhood, are more innovative than the others and more capable to solve their problems. 

About us

  • The kindergarten facilities
  • Teaching Quran by pointing method
  • Taking care of infants by the experienced nurses
  • Showing movie on the big screen and by using video projector
  • Install closed circuit camera in all parts of the kindergarten for the direct supervision of management
  • Holding family training classes for young parents
  • Holding children cooking training classes for the mothers
  • Equipped playground
  • Jumping
  • Shuttle service to all parts of Tehran
  • Health plan
  • Nutrition
  • A balanced diet should include the foods which in spite of satisfying the hunger could involves any of the nutrient elements and nutrients to reach perfect health. One of the most important ways to ensure the supply requirements of the child nutrition is using four food groups including milk and dairy products , bread and cereals , meat and eggs, beans and nuts ,and also fruits and vegetables. Chista kindergarten diet is adjusted under the supervision of nutrition expert. The main goal is taking advantage of breakfast, lunch, snacks and evening meal from the four food groups.
  • Child health growth chart
  • In Chista kindergarten, the children are under the supervision of qualified medical staff and the minimum physical problem is recognized and followed immediately .Also the child health growth chart is provided by this expert team and offered to the parents

 Members of the medical team:

        Dentist   (Mr.Javadi)
        Child psychologist   (Ms. Hejrati)
        Child nutrition expert   (Ms.Jabari)
        Family Counseler   (Ms.Saberi)
        Audiometric   (Ms.Jabari)
        Children Physiotherapist    (Mr.Masoomi- observing children skeletal structure)
        Education expert   (Ms.Ahmadi)
        Dermatologist    (Ms.Bani Ahad)